Luckie Street Fire
Davis Brothers Restaurant
Atlanta, GA

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May 29, 1971

Saturday, Memorial Day Weekend
11:10 PM 

KABOOM! An explosion decimates a restaurant, launches firemen through the air, and plunges several men into a burning basement. How could anyone make it out alive? Fighting to save the property of a stranger suddenly became a fight to save their own lives and those of their comrades.

When the smoke cleared, four firemen had been killed, 23 injured. After 41 long years, their stories are now unveiled in a commemorative new book...

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Luckie Street Firefighters
Reunion & Book Debut

Firefighters, their families, and guests reunited in Atlanta on May 26, 2012. Plus, Tragedy on Luckie Street, a new book honoring those who gave their all, made its debut... 


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A portion of the book's proceeds are donated to the:
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
and the
Atlanta Fire Foundation
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