Luckie Street Fire
Davis Brothers Restaurant
Atlanta, GA
May 29, 1971 
Saturday, Memorial Day Weekend
11:10 PM
KABOOM! An explosion decimates a restaurant, launches firemen through the air, and plunges several men into a burning basement. How could anyone make it out alive? Fighting to save the property of a stranger suddenly became a fight to save their own lives and those of their comrades.

When the smoke cleared, four firemen had been killed, 23 injured. After 41 long years, their stories are now unveiled in a commemorative new book...

                 Tragedy on Luckie Street
This Book Contains:
The first collection of the oral, written and photographic history of this life-changing event. Included you'll find firsthand accounts from nine of the Luckie Street Firemen. These men depict various vantage points including interior, exterior, first floor, and basement. They describe the looks and behavior of the smoke, flames, and explosion, as well as the aftermath. Those who survived plunging into the burning basement tell what resources they used to endure and escape. The widows share personal accounts from premonitions, to their road to healing.

Also Included:
- Diagrams show the layout of the Davis Brothers Cafeteria's i
nterior and exterior 
- Photographs and articles from archived newspapers and magazines
A list of the army of men who carried out this historic firefight 
- Positive changes that resulted from this tragedy

These were heart-wrenching memories for the firefighters and their families to revisit. Their stories were shared with the intent of allowing others to learn from their experiences. Hopefully, similar tragedies can be avoided.


I was a fiery blast that surrounded me and blew me completely up the stairs...For me it's the fire that won't go out, the fire by which all others are measured.  
Atlanta Assistant Fire Chief Edwin O. Warren (Retired)

I ended up in the basement...against the wall...stuff piled all over me. I thought, They're going to have to get me out of here. I can't get out! About that time my pants caught fire.
―Atlanta Fire Chief David Chamberlin (Retired)

The door was my shield as flames and debris wrapped around the door and around me.

―Atlanta Firefighter Garey Camp (Retired)

It felt like someone pushing me. I remember flying...I don’t know how long I lay unconscious, but when I came to I was out in the middle of the street.

―Atlanta Battalion Chief Max Edens (Retired)

Available From
Humpus Bumpus Bookstore
Copies of Tragedy on Luckie Street, signed by the author, are available at this independent   bookstore located in Cumming, GA.

Copies of Tragedy on Luckie Street, signed by the author, may be ordered from the publisher's                
       web site:
Softcover: $29.99, Hardcover: $39.99
       Books are also available (unsigned) through Amazon: 
Softcover: $29.99, Hardcover: $39.00

Tragedy on Luckie Street made its debut on May 26, 2012


A portion of the book's proceeds will be donated to the following organizations:

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF)
The NFFF honors America's fallen fire heroes and provides resources to assist their survivors in rebuilding their lives.

The Atlanta Fire Foundation (AFF)
The AFF focuses mainly on much needed training and equipment; a project which strengthens lifesaving capabilities.
Hazardous Materials and Search and Rescue are a few of the disciplines which benefit Atlanta's Firefighters and its citizens.

The NFFF and AFF are both 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. If you are in need, or would like to make a donation to them, visit their web sites:

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
The Atlanta Fire Foundation

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